Great Book: Grownup Digital

November 4, 2008


Last night I had the pleasure of attending a book signing for Grownup Digital, the brand spankin’ new book by guru Don Tapscott. Great night, great book.

Don spoke about how today’s generation (he calls them Net Gen, other say Gen Y or Millenium…I’m part of this group and I don’t care what they call us) have been groomed as a result of native exposure to technology (i.e. we grew up with it, we didn’t discover it later). For Grownup Digital, Don completed a $4 million study on the Net generation.

There’s also a great community where you can learn all about the book (and buy it!), sample a chapter, and read some pretty informative stuff at Here’s how the book is described on the About page, and Don on YouTube:

Poised to transform every social institution, the Net Generation is reshaping the form and functions of school, work, and even democracy. Simply put, the wave of youth, aged 12-30, the first truly global generation, is impacting all institutions. Particularly, employers, instructors, parents, marketers and political leaders are finding it necessary to adapt to the changing social fabric due to this generation’s unique characteristics. Within its comprehensive examination of the Net Generation, and based on a 4.5 million dollar study, Don Tapscott’s Grown Up Digital offers valuable insight and concrete takeaways for leaders across all social institutions.

Grown Up Digital explores:

How the Net Generation can be the most innovative, collaborative, and productive cohort, if given the proper working environment. From company ethic to leadership style, Grown Up Digital examines, in-depth, what this new organization will look like.

The benefits of a shift from a traditional, broadcast model of education to one that is customized, collaborative and interactive

How the Net Generation’s ability to scrutinize and investigate is forcing a new model of democracy that will have to be transparent, collaborative and engaging

How parents, teachers, and elder influencers can engage in open and informative discussions to ensure technology is properly used

How marketers no longer control their brands and how to cope with this power shift that affords the advantage to the consumer.

I’m from the Net generation (and so is everyone at Sensidea), so I live and breath digital. Don has a great sense, and amazing research on how the world will undoubtedly continue to change as my generation takes over.

Here’s Don on YouTube talking about the book

Great work Don!