About Sensidea

Sensidea, the digital media experts

Welcome to Digital U, the Sensidea Blog. It’s where we’ll look at the wild and wacky changing digital world!  We’ll keep tabs on: Digital Media, the Consumer Revolution, Digital Convergence (or the 4 Play – Web, T.V., mobile, phone), Web 2.0, Digital devices, and the way that all of these are fostering innovation, changing the digital world and the real world as we know it!

Sensidea is a digital media consultancy and products company helping our clients stay ahead and deliver innovative digital strategies, products, and solutions to move their business ahead of the competition. We’re obsessed with always knowing what’s happening, what’s possible, and what the two guys in the garage are up to next.

Digital media strategy, technology, creativity, and a passion for innovation means you get the best digital minds in business.

It’s time you changed the game. Go ahead, get digital. Visit us at Sensidea.com.

One Response to About Sensidea

  1. I was reviewing your website and thought it might be a good idea for our 2 companies to talk about possible synergies.


    Michael Brier – 203-857-4404

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