ClickZ Gives SocialSeek Some Love!

August 24, 2009


Gary Stein at ClickZ has given SocialSeek some love in his post The Five Biggest Mistakes in Measuring Social Media. We’re obviously excited that SocialSeek was mentioned as a must-have app, especially in such an industry leading publication. Definitely some great advice in the article, and if you haven’t got SocialSeek yet…um…why not? It’s free, fun, and packed with value!

Nissan’s Socially Conscious, Mobile Lovin’ Cube: Overkill or Cool?

August 24, 2009

CubeMediaPost has a great article on how Nissan’s marketing for the Nissan Cube took inspiration from the mobile world (specifically the iPhone) and centered on engaging perspective consumers through social media. There’s some great commentary and conflicting veiwpoints, and the central question that emerges is whether or not latching on to ‘what’s hot’ will spell success or overexpose a brand as a copy-cat and risk consumer backlash.

“Brands need to be careful associating themselves with the Apple vibe right now. We believe the brand is overexposed and heading for a consumer backlash,” – Scott Taylor, Founder of Taow

Something we’ve discussed before on the blog is that your company’s culture needs to be ready to embrace new digital and social media efforts before you jump in. MediaPost brings out the other side of the spectrum – make sure your consumer messaging and efforts resonate with your audience and doesn’t copy what people are used to already. Sure, success might follow success, but today’s digital audience is a fickle bunch and following the leader instead of innovating might not be the best answer.

The National Post reported on the Cube campaign in Canada (congrats to our friends at CapitalC), where 500 people competed to win the Cube in a contest where they showed their enthusiasm for the spunky car online. The campaign might have been everything Nissan hoped for as the site received visits from 149 countries and 1.4 million “canvas” views, spawning 300 YouTube videos and prompted some especially enthusiastic contestants to form

All this social media love looks great but what would really be interesting is hearing from Nissan on the ROI. Did all the buzz and user engagement result in the cool kids walking through the dealership door and actually buy a Cube? Would the same revenue have been realized through traditional 30 sec spot marketing or did social media make a difference? Ultimately was there….our favorite word…Value?

New Media School: Get Your Digital Education

August 12, 2009

Helping people understand the ever changing digital world is the mantra at Sensidea; it’s great helping clients discover what’s out there, what’s coming, and what it all means. But, not everyone has a digital brain to tap. Enter soon to launch New Media School, a online school focused on “teaching individuals and businesses how to succeed in the digital economy”.

Checkout the write-up at Techcrunch to learn more about what’s being offered and the list of speakers on tap. It’s hard to say but at this point it looks as though much of the content is geared towards the social web and associated topics such as social media marketing, blogging, etc.  It would be great to see New Media School thrive and offer a wide array of courses, not just those that are all the consumer rage. From a business perspective (which is what we’re concerned with), it would be great to see content on Digital Asset Management, Video Supply Chain, or the changing world of Content Management. These are all massive topics that IT, Web, and Digital Media Executives are thinking about every day.

Looks like Nick O’Neill and team are off to a great start and done right, New Media School looks to be a promising venture that I hope to see flourish.  When it comes to helping others get digital, we’ll all for it.

If Twitter was 100 People…It’s Still All About You

August 2, 2009

Twitter100Just saw this great visualization on Flickr created by David McCandless. It displays a microcosm of what microblogging activity would look like if Twitter had only 100 users. The data is collected from a study completed by social media monitoring company Sysomos, and commented on by marketing guru Rohit Bhargava.

Essentially, it tells us that lots of people have created an account on Twitter but just as Twitter’s own Evan Williams recently stated there’s a long way to go for the enthusiasm to match engagement.

Rohit’s write-up provides great commentary on the conclusions presented in the study and is definitely worth a read to anyone interested in understanding what’s really happening in Twitter world.

Quick highlights:

  1. 21% (One Fifth) of Twitter accounts are empty placeholders
  2. Nearly 94% of all Twitter accounts have less than 100 followers
  3. March and April of 2009 were the tipping point for Twitter
  4. A small minority creates most of the activity
  5. Half of all Twitter users are not “active”
  6. Tuesday is the most active Twitter day (followed by Wednesday then Friday)
  7. APIs have been the key to Twitter’s growth & utility
  8. English still dominates Twitter

The study presents companies and brands with something to think about. What’s the value of Twitter, or really social media in general? I’ve previously posted that it’s understanding, strategy, and related action that determines business success in social media, and not simply jumping on the bandwagon of being ‘present’. The Sysomos study suggests that if you’re looking to connect with and communicate with your audience and consumers then you need to do what good marketing has always done; provide something valuable that people that people will love, enjoy, and share with friends.

Secret Sauce?

So what’s the secret to success of Twitter? It’s not a secret at all. It’s what works in any marketing medium:

A) Give something great to the world

B) Put your customers first

C) Reach the loud mouths and let them speak (just do A and B so they love you first)!

When it comes to getting your message across, the difference between social media vs. traditional marketing methods is really that you’re not in control of what responses the world will see. Plus, you don’t have to be present on Twitter or Facebook to actually be on Twitter or Facebook. People will talk about you and share their ideas with or without you. The only thing you can really control is your value.

So, don’t fret about your social media status. Have a presence, understand your audience, and know what the chatter is about,  but don’t get caught up in mass following, tweeting at 3am, or having lots of friends.  Concentrate on doing something great that people will love and you’ll be a social media darling whether you like it or not! 🙂

Sensidea partners with Grab Networks!

August 1, 2009


We’re very excited to announce that Sensidea has partnered with Grab Networks, the leader in video management and delivery online and on-demand. Grab Networks truly has an amazing end-to-end platform for the capture, production, management, and delivery of video;  powering a lot of the content we all love to enjoy on our favorite TV networks, online, and mobile.

We look forward to continuing to work with the team at Grab Networks, helping our clients understand their wide range of video solutions and how they might represent value, innovation, and leadership in achieving the best fit video solution.

About Grab Networks

Grab Networks uniquely combines technology, distribution, and strong advertiser relationships to solve a core problem for media companies: how to maximize the value of their video content.

Formed by the merger of Anystream and Voxant in September 2008, Grab Networks is powering multi-platform video syndication for content on three screens by allowing media companies to efficiently re-purpose and index their content for multiple outlets and devices, syndicate their content across their own properties and 3rd party destinations, and better capitalize on the $20 billion online advertising market. Learn more at

About Sensidea

Sensidea is a digital media consulting and products company focused on helping our clients understand the ever-changing digital world, and separate the value from the hype to get the digital media strategies and solutions they need to be digital stars. Learn more at

Great Partners + Neutral Stance = You Win.

As with all solutions we cover, we always remain neutral in helping our clients determine their best fit solution. By partnering with industry solution providers we gain the advantage of forging strong relationships and deeper levels of solution knowledge benefiting in our clients making the best decision to meet their needs. The more we do our homework and make friends with everyone, the more you win!