SocialSeek has lift off, thanks everyone!

socialseekYesterday we launched SocialSeek, a cool little social media monitor that lets you track all the social goodness for free. With some great coverage on Techcrunch the news spread quickly and by the end of day one we’re at 700+ downloads and some great feedback!  Just wanted to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone for the feedback, tweets, and spreading the word. We hope you enjoy SocialSeek and look out for some great new stuff coming soon!

What people are saying…

“The ability to crawl social media sites and websites for a brand can be valuable, but what I find useful about Socialseek is the ability to track an item over image sites like Flickr and even event sites. And it’s also interesting to be able to limit chatter over the web about a particular topic to a geographical region or city.”

“Socialseek a blessing for brand marketers, lets users search for a brand across the web”

“This is the innovation social marketing gurus have been waiting for, I must admit that the tracking of an image over the blogosphere and social networks is a great piece of work”

“This is great, very helpful!”


One Response to SocialSeek has lift off, thanks everyone!

  1. […] video pubblicati su Youtube di taxi a Londra. Il software è disponibile da appena 2 giorni, e come annuncia il blog ufficiale, sopratutto dopo una analisi fatta da Techcrunch, è stato scaricato da molti […]

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