Unleash Your Inner DJ

December 18, 2007

Most of the applications in social networks suck. But every once in a while a cool idea becomes along.  This time it’s Mixaloo.  If you’ve always dreamed on being a mix tape guru here’s your chance!

Mixaloo let’s you make your own mix tape, share it, or sell it and make money (just like when you used to tape off the radio…ya, I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s)!

It easy, fun, and works like this:

You go to the site (or add their app to your social network profile, yes they have a FB app!), select the songs you like to create your mix tape, and start promoting. In reality, people can only listen to samples of the songs, but Mixaloo puts a value on your mix tape and anyone can buy the full mix…making you money with a 50%-50% revenue split.

Mixaloo also offers has points system where users earn points for doing things like selling tracks, and recommending related artists. Enough points and you can redeem for Mixaloo merchandise and real audio equipment.

They’ve got more than 3 million songs to choose from, so go ahead, get your groove on!

Web at 30,000 feet

December 16, 2007

I heard JetBlue is planning to start offering internet connectivity on some flights, and there was also a rumor that American Airlines was looking into the same thing. Internet in the air is cool because you can waste time and not go crazy on the flight…but they have to block services like Skype that let you use the web to make phone calls.

Can you imagine 5 hours on a plane where everyone is talking to themselves? It’s bad enough you see people at the mall with an ear piece like they’re talking customer service calls, but in a plane you’ve got nowhere to go!

Can you imagine some idiot beside you going on and on about business or a valley girl chatting it up about shopping and the latest exploits of Britney Spears and being stuck?

Web in flight is great but either block the calling ability or it won’t be the friendly skies.

Will Web HD kill T.V.?

December 14, 2007

Since the explosion of online video a few years ago, there’s been much chatter about whether (or when) web video will kill traditional T.V.  My stance has always been – ya right!

With HD, the chorus is growing a bit louder. The suggestion is that it will be a lot easier for people to get HD content on the web instead of through their television service. Why, because on the web it could be free (better system cost put aside).

What many fail to realize is user behaviour. Most people turn the T.V. on after a hard days work, when exhausted, or for background noise. Here’s the pattern of an average T.V. user:

1. Come home exhausted

2. Plop down on the sofa

3. Turn on the T.V.

4. Shut off the brain

Until someone can figure out how to get web video (no matter what resolution) to the T.V. screen with minimal, or no effort on the part of the user then people will be watching T.V. the same way we have been since the 50s. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google haven’t figured it out yet (yes Apple TV is dead because no one wants to connect, disconnect, have a box sitting in their living room).

The answer could be to transmit wirelessly from the computer to the T.V. so that I can watch what I want how I want. Or, better yet, plugging the web in directly from my wall jack to the T.V.’s ethernet port. Then broadcasting rights, ads, geography all being worked out (wishful thinking) we’ll really see the web content quality race become something to get excited over.

The exciting thing is that people are innovative and things are always being created. The digital world continues to impact our everyday lives and one day, one way or another, T.V. as we know it will change for the better.